1. Born in a snowy January of 1985 in Reggio Emilia, a small town in the north of Italy, mainly known since the Italian flag was born here, in some sense;

  2. Research fellow @ Università di Parma (December 2016-today);

  3. Post-doctoral researcher @ Università di Napoli Federico II (May 2015-November 2016);

  4. Post-doctoral researcher @ Aalto University (Jan-Apr 2015);

  5. Post-doctoral researcher @ Uppsala University (Jan 2013- Dec 2014);

  6. Ph.D. in Mathematics @ Scuola Normale Superiore (Jan 2010- Dec 2012);

  7. Piano playing diploma (of first level) @ Istituto Musicale A. Peri;

  8. Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Mathematics @ Università of Parma.

Scientific interests:

  1. Regularity for elliptic and parabolic PDEs, in particular of p-Laplacian type: Calderón-Zygmund estimates + Linear & nonlinear potentials.

  2. Adams theorems & fine differentiability properties for measure data problems, mainly of parabolic type: DiBenedetto intrinsic geometry approach.

  3. Regularity estimates for (possibly degenerate) phase transition problems. Hölder estimates & Harnack inequalities.

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